The Desert Cottage is a family-owned and operated shop in the heart of the High Desert. Here, we sell handmade items varying from re-furbished furniture, crochet apparel, gift cards, bunting banners, wreaths, candles, soaps, mirrors… Sweet Lord, the list goes on and on; let me just say this- we sell nothing that won’t gussy up your living room. Or ANY room.

…but not only do we sell pretty things. We love to make friends here with our customers. We have already made many. We hope to bring some spruce to this highly-trafficked Bear Valley Road. To us, the traffic is good. To others, they hear Bear Valley and imagine dynamite and bazookas in their backseat at rush hour. Our goal and prayer is to break the stigma that this main drag (and really, the city all around) holds, and remind the folks here that there is something beautiful and lovely around them.

Stop by sometime.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. love Desert Cottage…..plan to make the trip from Seal Beach once a month to check out the new merchandise….great vendors…

    • I had heard someone all the way from Seal Beach visited the shop! How excited we are to hear you will be one of our loyal customers 🙂 thanks for visiting the blog and I hope it keeps you up to date since you are unable to stop in as often!

    • Aw, I am sure you’ll do great! I will certainly follow you to help get the ball rolling 🙂 I plan to spend (hopefully) an hour or so a few days per week reading others’ blogs and commenting on their posts that strike me, in addition to replying to every comment I get. That might be common sense to you already, but those were tips that helped me so just in case you weren’t aware that it could improve your stats, there ya go! Good luck!

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