3 days and countin’!

3 days and countin'!

8:00 AM this Saturday, March 22nd is our wonderful Marketplace! Vendors of all types will be at this inside and outside event. This is extra special because these different vendors prep SPECIFICALLY for these types of sales. Research is done to find the top selling “flea-market” finds. For instance, I, myself, just Googled “top flea market items” and clicked the top result. Here’s what I found on Voice at Yahoo:

• Costume jewelry
• Tools and hardware
• Electronics
• Cosmetics, health, and beauty
• Inexpensive toys

Impulse buy items will attact people to your flea market table or booth. Think color. Think movement. Use display racks and signs that attract attention.

• Used items can also sell fast at the flea market:
• Gently used clothing
• Hats and bags
• Housewares and kitchen things
• Small appliances
• Baby items

No sweat.

As a vendor myself, I am keeping in mind that WEDDING SEASON is coming up! Meaning engagement parties, bridal showers, groom baths (I know exactly ONE person who has these so it counts!), and hello, the WEDDING! So for DIYers this means:
-DIY bouquets
-bridal gown sashes
-household uses (aprons, potholders, towels)

Babies are always a great market as well. I love to buy stuff because I KNOW there will be a time in my near future when I am invited to a baby shower. Many of our vendors will take custom orders too!

We hope you will join us this Saturday. If you are far away, spread the word! We love to hear success stories and the contrary about your flea market/craft show experiences. Stay tuned to hear how it went, what sold, what didn’t sell… boy, are we excited! 🙂


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