Change is a magnificent thing! It would be false to say that anyone is not going through change right now. it may be good or bad change. But BAD to who? All things that change in our life our planned by the Lord Most High, and to quote Vernon Whaley: 

“Some of us are afraid of change. But, God is in the business of transforming us into His image—changing us—through our worship of Him.”

Changes happen everywhere. Usually its needed. But you can look at the synonymous definitions, that don’t make change look too bad: “renovate, convert, restore, switch, mend, and even re-establish or refurbish“.

To be genuine, changes happen here at The Desert Cottage all the time! It freaks us out, makes us sad, makes us wonder things like “Why isn’t our magnificent new business thriving as much as we would like it to?” 
“Why are people leaving their space?”
“Why don’t people shop more!”

Somehow these questions pop into our head once we have a business and can actually begin to ask ourselves that, even though we were once in the spot as the SHOPPER who was like “yeah RIGHT am I spending $40 on a shaving mug!” (I actually overheard a woman who desperately wanted an Old Spice shaving mug with a BRAND NEW soap and a brush, and it was one I was selling!) Hmph. I also was once standing by a gal who picked up my penguin beanie and turn to her friend saying “OMG gurrrrlll look how cute this is!!!!” *flips over tag to look at price as I smile at her* She shoved that beanie at me like a kid playing hot potato! (thats cheating by the way; no shoving, kids.) She was obviously distraught. And so was I.

Does that mean to change all your prices? Change what you are making to bring in more customers thus more revenue? I don’t think so. In this journey we are on at The Desert Cottage, we are learning that the “positive” change that WE want will come slowly if its meant to be. We need to nurture this shop like a little bubba but also work it like theres no tomorrow. Thats my opinion at least.

I would love to get feedback on how you think that we as business owners need to think and consider changing things. Do customers ACTUALLY notice a high speed changing atmosphere? (Think different themes and motifs every possible season; different services offered [food in-shop, catering, party hosting/planning], taking away the sitting area for a season) How have things become stagnant with you before? Changes in advertising? Pricing? Merchandising? E-commerce? 

Our store is great. We have a faithful customer flow, a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere, and insanely talented vendors! I am curious to see though, what do we need to do to make successful changes?

To reference the above quote, these changes are obviously for the best. Because its molding the store, transforming the store, into the way the REAL owner of this store wants it to be. We will continue to worship Him and give Him the glory for this cute little store and pray it is used to the best way it possibly could be!