Who would have thought.

This morning, I woke up, and…. wait a sec. Let me preface this oh-so-profound first blog post of mine.

The past couple of weeks my husband and I have been talking about productivity, both in our spiritual lives and in our personal (namely business related) lives. To begin, we have understood that individualistically, prayer needs to be constant (1 Thessalonians 5:17). That is something that will always need practicing and perfecting. Additionally, prayer needs to be communal (1 Thessalonians 5:25). We have been ACTUALLY actively praying for the people we say we will pray for, on top of making an attempt to bless complete strangers with the love of Jesus by taking advantage of the “meet and greet” time before the sermon, and let them know that we want to pray for them after the service. That was kind of scary at first. But new things always are. And now that its not new and intimidating anymore, that’s something we know we will continue to do for (hopefully) the rest of our lives. I’m sure there will be lots of posts illuminating the experiences we have with this journey. So, getting our spiritual lives rolling toward some consistency… check!

Now. Personally, I have been dying to start a blog that was organized to reflect the new store my parents opened up: The Desert Cottage. It has been a dream of my mom’s for years that has finally come to fruition. I know she is busy. I, too, am busy, but I enjoy writing and I love sharing our lives (including trials, shortcomings; along with triumphs and victories) with others so that they may be touched and excited with us. I have been so thrilled with her since the store-birthing process began… and I do feel that this is my contribution in nursing the newness (sometimes in the diminutive sense) into something grand. I prayed, and God told me to HELP. Huh?? Who?? With what? Even thought I couldn’t understand, I would never discount that what He was telling me was for my good and for His purpose. Apparently the aching in my bones (aka big mouth) progressed to the point that the intimidation would no longer stand in my way; I texted a few friends, who immensely helped me by supplying me their insights on starting a blog… turns out, its not too difficult! Login created, title created… BOOM. Now, the discovery at hand is that I am HELPING my sweet mother in promoting her store and doing something that we both have been longing for for quite some time now: sharing the beauty in the things we make, the ways we feel, and the sights we see.

So, bear with me as my first posts aren’t filled with magnificent tips, links, “buttons” (whatever), plug-ins (yeah right), and whatever else I do believe will take some time for me to master, but thankfully, I was born to be a bona fide chatter monkey and already LOVE sharing with you the thoughts in my head and heart.

Start a blog… check.


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